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- Four Simple Steps -

Planning your perfect picnic is

easy and fun!

Step 1

Choose your Date

& Location

Step 2

Choose your


Step 3

Choose your


Step 4

Choose your


Step 1: Date ... & Location 

We totally get how important the date is and there is nothing more disheartening than having to hear it's not available. This is where " the early bird catches the worm"  rings true. Once you have picked your date, we move on to the location! You pick your location and we set everything up. The lower mainland is the perfect backdrop for your outdoor picnic. We can also transform your indoor space if you are wanting that cozy vibe!

***Please Note:

You will want to make sure you have the space available to accommodate the party size. Depending on the package you choose and the number of guests, the dimensions needed to set up will vary. You choose your location - if you require a venue, please ask! We have indoor venue suggestions or outdoor location recommendationsPlease read FAQ for zone fees.

Step 2: Choose your Package

For all the reasons to get together! Birthdays, anniversaries, proposals, baby shower, girls nights, date nights, work events,

and whatever else you can come up with - we've got your gathering covered.

Our picnic sizes are from 2-20 guests

and you can pick from 3 different packages: Luxury, Mini, and Tablescape. 

***Please Note: 
All packages are daytime hours: 10 am-7 pm (with the exception of our movie package).
If you are wanting after-hours for your picnic, additional charges will apply.  Please read through the FAQ for more information. 


Luxury Picnic

2 to 20 guests

  • Custom Wood Tables

  • Flatware & Place Settings

  • Glass Stemware & Cups

  • Dried Foral Arrangement

  • Candles & Lanterns

  • Rugs & Pillows

  • Basket & Blankets

  • Chalk Board (personalized message)

  • Setup/Tear Down

  • 2 hours (event duration)


Mini Picnic

2 to 12 guests

  • Wicker stools

  • Small plates

  • Glass cups 

  • Rugs & Pillows

  • Basket & Blankets

  • Candles & Lanterns

  • Dried Floral Arrangement

  • Chalk Board (personalized message)

  • Setup/Tear Down

  • 2 hours (event duration)



2 to 20 guests

  • Full Place Setting

  • Stemware & Flatware 

  • Napkins

  • Table runner

  • Candles & Lanterns

  • Dried Floral Arrangement

  • Chalk Board (personalized message)

  • Setup/Tear Down

  • 2 hours (event duration)

Step 3: Choose your Theme

This is the fun part! We have created some super fun and gorgeous themes. White Gold, Moroccan, Pretty in Pink, The Blues, Emerald, Boho Garden, Summer or custom.  

Read each description and take a look at the photos to get an idea.

If you have a special request for a holiday or custom theme, let us know and we can discuss options. Take a look at our Gallery for ideas.



Bright and fun!

Colors that match the level joy that gathering with your people brings!

Step 4: Choose your Add-ons

Our picnic setups are already gorgeous but we have so many ways you can take it to the next level! Exceptional charcuterie and dessert options, extra decor, a professional photographer, fresh flowers, live music, and more.

Fill out the form on our booking page for a quote!


Food Options
Charcuterie & dessert  


Triangles or Over the table


Pa,mpas decor
large Pampas vase



Sand or Land

Arch decor

Greenery, drop lights, chandeliers, etc.


Photographer, live music, fresh flowers, cakes, etc.

All there is left to do is ...

Show up and Enjoy! 

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